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Do I Have a Medical Malpractice Case?

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Getting injured while in the care of a trusted medical professional can be disheartening—and lead to significant financial, physical, and emotional damages along the way.

When a doctor, nurse, hospital, or other medical professional is responsible for causing your injuries, one way to remedy the situation is by filing a medical malpractice claim. But how do you know if you have a case?

Read on to learn more of some of the basic points, and contact a medical malpractice lawyer with The Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo for a free consultation.

How to Know if You Have a Medical Malpractice Case

Because we put so much trust and faith in our medical providers, knowing that their mistakes can cause us great harm can be a devastating realization.

But, in truth, no matter how much training, education, and skill they have, medical professionals are capable of making a careless mistake at any time.

When you suffer an injury, it can be difficult to understand where the line is drawn between an honest-to-goodness mistake and actual medical negligence. In the legal world, these are questions that require the input and opinion of certified medical experts and health practitioners. Because the distinction is so tight, how can the average person know whether or not they’ve been the victim of malpractice?

Although it can feel impossible to know on your own, some of the signs that you may have suffered medical malpractice include:

  • Your Loved One Passed Away from a Treatment – Whenever mistreatment of a patient results in their death, that should set off alarm bells that something went wrong. Although nothing can be done to bring your loved one back, you could still get justice and compensation for your loss by taking civil action.
  • Surgical Errors Have Occurred – Surgery is a field that comes with a ton of inherent risk. Good surgeons can make unpreventable mistakes. Other times, however, your post-surgical injuries can be the result of malpractice, or negligence. Speaking to a lawyer can help you discover which one is which.
  • You Were Unaware of Risks –  Any medical procedure comes with inherent risks and complications. It’s a medical professional’s job to tell you about these risks. When a patient doesn’t have what’s known as informed consent, this could be the basis for a malpractice claim.
  • The Treatment Doesn’t Help You or Brings New Complications – When a prescribed course of treatment isn’t working or brings new complications, it’s possible that you have been misdiagnosed. It’s also a possibility that your doctor or another healthcare professional misinterpreted your results on a test or exam. These are quite frequently the basis for medical malpractice claims.

Regardless of the type of injuries you’ve suffered after a medical intervention, it’s worth checking out whether or not they could be the result of a doctor’s or someone else’s error. And with a free consultation, it’s never been easier to get a second opinion.

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