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How Much Is My Car Accident Case Worth?

Every car accident case will be worth a different amount of money. The settlement you receive will depend on many factors, such as the injuries, the other person who was driving, and the local car accident lawyer you partner with if you choose to file a lawsuit. 

Knowing how much your car accident case might be worth will allow you to know the best steps in moving forward and if you should file a lawsuit or not. 

Using the Formula 

Every lawyer and courthouse may use a slightly different formula when it comes to deciding how much your car accident case is worth. This formula for calculating the amount is just a basis for what the settlement might be and is not a guaranteed number. 

Most formulas will start by using a multiplier. This is used to estimate your general damages, which include losses like pain and suffering. These multipliers help account for how serious, long-lasting, or painful your injuries might have been. Long-lasting, more painful, or catastrophic injuries will give you a higher multiplier. 

The overall value estimate of your claim will include the medical expenses you already had to pay when you were receiving treatment or care. It will also include estimated future medical expenses. This will help you to pay future medical bills. 

Lost earnings are also included in the estimate. This is the time you missed working due to suffering or injuries that you had from the car accident. Future lost income is also included as your injuries may cause you to miss more work for doctor’s appointments, future surgeries, or even incapacity. 

Another large part of the equation is property damage. This is used to determine how much money you lost in auto damages and how much money you may need to repair the car. 

Confirming your Settlement 

A court, a judge, and a lawyer will have to confirm your settlement. They will look at the numbers and determine if anything needs to be adjusted or added. Negotiating is also a large part of determining how much you are able to get in a settlement. 

Some insurance companies and adjusters are more willing to work with claims than others. If you don’t feel like you are getting what you deserve, a car accident lawyer will help you by talking to the company on your behalf. 

They will often use the calculations from above to present to the insurance company. They’ll argue for why you should receive that number and how they came to that conclusion. 

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