West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer

Injured in a West Palm Beach car accident? Your lawyer can help you recover compensation that covers all your losses, not just those the insurance company wants to pay.

After a serious car accident, it’s rarely easy to recover from your injuries. You’re hurt, you may be in serious pain, and you’re not sure who to turn to. It’s easy to get lonely and discouraged, leading you to make mistakes. 

At The Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo, we want to help you avoid costly mistakes that could hurt your car accident claim. We know it’s tough to get compensated, but we’re ready to fight for the compensation you’re due. 

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident and you’re worried about what your future holds, reach out to a West Palm Beach car accident lawyer. They can help you seek compensation that makes your recovery easier. 

Car Insurance Companies May Not Help You after an Accident

When you’re hurt in a serious car accident, your first instinct may be to notify your insurance company and to try to get compensated through them. Florida is a no-fault state, which means you have the opportunity to work with your insurance company regardless of fault. 

However, that doesn’t mean the insurance company will be so willing to work with you. They may refuse your West Palm Beach claim, or they may lowball your settlement. You’ll struggle to make it on less than you need, but when you’re hurt and suffering, what choice do you have? 

Your best choice may be to get a West Palm Beach car accident attorney. They can help you seek compensation that covers your needs when you’re desperate and suffering. 

Who’s Liable for Your West Palm Beach, Florida, Car Accident Injuries?

After a car accident, it can be tough to identify the liable party and seek compensation. Some West Palm Beach car accident cases seem open-and-shut—you were hit by a driver who was obviously not paying attention, so what more is there to say? However, it’s not so easy to identify who caused a multi-car pileup, for example. 

Your car accident lawyer has the tools and resources to find the at-fault driver, even if they fled the scene. They can also help when you’re hit by a commercial driver. If they were on the clock, your West Palm Beach car accident attorney can help you seek out their employer to get compensated. 

Injured in a single-car accident? You may still have grounds to file a claim and get compensated for your losses in West Palm Beach. Sometimes, other parties are at fault for your accident, and you may need to take extra steps to identify that party. For example, if your brakes failed, the manufacturer may have been responsible for carelessly making a defective product. 

Compensation for West Palm Beach Car Accident Victims

You need compensation that covers the losses you’ve suffered because of your car accident. In legal terms, these are referred to as damages. These damages should cover everything you lost in your West Palm Beach car accident, but it can be hard to accurately calculate your damages without help. Talk to your car accident lawyer about the damages you may be eligible for, like the following. 

Economic Damages for a Car Accident

Car accidents are expensive, and they can do a lot of destruction, not just to your car, but to you yourself. You’re hurt, and now, you may see a lot of expenses piling up for medical care, lost income, and harm to your car. 

Fortunately, these damages are usually easy to add up—it’s a matter of keeping track of your damages. Your car accident lawyer can help by finding the worth of your economic damages in dollars and estimating the costs of your future damages, like future surgeries you may need for your injuries. 

Non-Economic Damages for a Car Accident

It’s not just the financial losses you’ll need to focus on, though. You’ve also suffered serious mental and emotional trauma, and that should be compensated, too. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find the worth of intangible losses. 

Your West Palm Beach car accident attorney can make that easier. If you believe you’ve suffered any of the following, talk to your attorney about adding these losses to your car accident claim: 

  • Mental distress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Emotional trauma

West Palm Beach Car Accident FAQ

Injured and struggling to find answers for your car accident claim? Check out the Q&A below and talk to a lawyer for more detailed, personalized answers. 

Will my insurance cover my injuries from my car accident?

When you’re hurt in a car accident, your insurance company may seem like your first option for compensation. However, they may try to avoid paying you, so it’s best to talk to your car accident lawyer first. They can protect your funds and help you take your claim to court when the insurance company tries to avoid paying. 

What happens if I was partly at fault for the car accident?

Mistakes happen, but in these cases, a mistake could be costly. Your West Palm Beach car accident attorney may need to focus on proving you weren’t at fault for the accident, since any portion of fault could reduce the funds you’d receive. For example, if you were found fifteen percent at fault, you’d only receive eighty-five percent of your potential compensation, so talk to a lawyer before you take responsibility.

My child was injured in a car accident. Can I sue? 

While your child’s time limit to file an injury claim doesn’t start until they’re eighteen, acting now could help your child deal with their suffering now, not later. If your child was injured in a West Palm Beach car accident, your car accident attorney can help you seek compensation on their behalf. 

What if the West Palm Beach driver who hit me was drunk? 

Sometimes, other drivers may take huge risks with your health and safety. In the case of a drunk driver, you may have a chance to get compensation that covers your losses after their criminal trial. Even better, you may be able to use the evidence used against them in court to support your case and get your maximum compensation. 

Can I seek punitive damages for my car accident injuries? 

While most of your compensation is intended to cover the costs of your losses, sometimes additional compensation is awarded as a means of punishing the wrongdoer. These are called punitive damages. Keep in mind, though, that this kind of compensation can be tough to get. You may need a car accident lawyer’s help to have a chance to win punitive damages in West Palm Beach. 

Get Help from a West Palm Beach Car Accident Attorney

A car accident can be a devastating experience, and you may now be struggling to overcome the losses you’ve suffered. Worse, insurance companies, which are supposed to help you, may be ignoring or downplaying your claim. That makes it even harder to get the compensation you need and recover from your losses. 

Fortunately, you have options. If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo can help. We offer free consultations so you can talk to us about your claim, your compensation, and your options for a lawsuit. 

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, take advantage of a free consultation with a West Palm Beach car accident lawyer. We can be reached by calling 561-659-6366 or by filling out the online contact form below.